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Ticking Time Bomb?

Ticks are all ready out and feeding this spring.  Ugh.  Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal.

This Seasons Ticking Time Bomb


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Mosquitoes? Already?

Yes they are here. I can’t believe it. We have received numerous phone calls telling us they are seeing mosquitoes here in Southwest Michigan in March!

While this 70 degree weather is wonderful, it has been warm enough (long enough) for the larva to start hatching. Unless we see multiple days below freezing they are here for the summer. Which means their multiplication will start early. Have you seen the math?

1 mosquito can lay 300 eggs. If half are female, in 1 week, the 150 becomes 45,300, which another week later becomes 6,795,000 and then in 1 more week (4th generation) becomes 1,319,250,000 mosquitos. Yes that is one month’s time there are a billion mosquitos from 1. And this year we are starting early….

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Mild Winter = Mosquitoes, Ticks and Disease

What a great winter!  Mild weather, lots of sunshine, how great is that?

It is great. Unfortunately, it is also great for the bugs. Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas will be hatching earlier and causing havoc in your backyard. Yuck! Entomologists are predicting a heavier than normal season for these pesky critters this summer.

Not only are they annoying, but disease, such as the West Nile is carried by mosquitoes. In Michigan there were three deaths in 2011 from this disease with many more cases that were treated. Ticks carry Lyme disease which is extremely debilitating and very hard to diagnose. In West Michigan the cases of Lyme are ever increasing. We can’t sit idle and think it is not going to happen here. It already is!

There are things you can do to help keep the mosquitoes out of your yard. We like to call them the 5 T’s. Tip, Toss, Turn, Tarps and Treat.

Tip the water out of the bottom of plant stands and the like. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in places you don’t even think about.

Toss – look in your yard for bottle caps, other small trash type items. Mosquitoes can lay over 300 eggs in a small bottle cap of water.

Turn things that hold water over, when they are not being used such as toys, dog pools & dishes, etc. They will accumulate water and then, of course, mosquito larva.

Tarps hold water. Get rid of them if you can.

Treat with a mosquito elimination barrier product around your yard. Doing this reduces the need for a bug spray containing DEET on yourself or your kids. Our barrier spray program will help eliminate mosquitoes by 90%.

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