Mosquito Repelling Sound App?

There’s been a lot of buzz around the apps that claim to keep mosquitoes away, so I did some research to see what they were all about.

The first thing I did was look in the Apple App store and see what was offered. A lot of apps popped up, some free, most $0.99. I was almost overwhelmed at the amount of options of apps that all offered the same end result, just different ways of achieving it. Many apps advertised several different wave frequencies that produce an ultrasonic/infrasonic sound not audible to the human ear but supposedly effective in keeping mosquitoes away from you and your family. They offered anywhere from two to ten different frequencies and some even had the added bonus of playing your own music while allowing the mosquito app to emit its mosquito repelling noise. Of course all of the reviews listed on each app were praising the results of these cheap and supposedly effective technology based repellents.

So, after through scrolling through all these apps, I looked online for some other reviews to see if the acclamation continued. Unfortunately, it did not. Every page of commentary I came across had several reviews knocking these apps down a peg or two. Many users said these apps were a scam, a waste of money and useless. Several even mentioned how the mosquitoes seemed to be more attracted to their phone when the app was on!

Then I looked at what some of the experts had to say about these Smartphone apps. They all seemed skeptical because of the lack of scientific research supporting the theory that ultrasonic sounds would keep mosquitoes away. There just isn’t any science behind these apps.

The biggest problem I found in why these apps aren’t working is because of the technique they are using to try to repel mosquitoes. Some experts mentioned that mosquitoes, like other small insects hear by using scents and chemicals in the air. After researching this further I found that mosquitoes do in fact hear. They have very sensitive hearing that picks up low frequencies. However they have active hearing, meaning they can decide what they listen for. What mosquitoes choose to listen for are wing beating patterns of opposite sex mosquitoes, it’s purely for mating. What mosquitoes are attracted to are the scents and chemicals in the air and thermal energy being given off by us humans. So really these apps using low frequencies are only attracting mosquitoes thinking it’s a possible mate and the high frequency apps aren’t affecting the mosquito patterns at all.

In short, I wouldn’t waste my time with any of the apps offered, despite their claims of “force field” like results; the results just aren’t there because the science isn’t there.


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