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Not all Mosquito Treatments are Created Equal

Standing water is a breeding haven for millions of mosquito eggs

Standing water is a breeding haven for millions of mosquito eggs

If you’re like any of the people I’ve talked to this week, then you know how bad mosquitoes are in Southwest Michigan right now.  With all the rain we got in April mixed with the warm weather we’ve been enjoying, mosquitoes are making a comeback this season, and they’re making it a big one.  I think one of our customers put it best when they said that they couldn’t go outside without the mosquitoes shaking their hand and asking them for their seating preference while the mosquitoes feasted on them.

Kidding aside, this year is already much worse for mosquitoes than last year and we want to help.  There are a couple companies who claim to offer services that take care of mosquitoes and possibly ticks too.  These companies offer a knockdown treatment only.  This means that once a month they come and take care of any mosquitoes that happen to be in your yard at the time they are treating it.  These treatments have zero residual effect and will not keep you and your family bite free 4 weeks later, let alone 2 weeks later.

Start enjoying your mosquito & tick free yard today!

Start enjoying your mosquito & tick free yard today!

We at Mosquito Squad know that to be the most effective you need to include a knockdown treatment and a time-released treatment.  And your yard needs to be treated every 3 weeks, not every 4-6 like several other companies.  We want to make sure that you don’t become a mosquitoes next meal, while you’re trying to enjoy yours. We are specialists when it comes to treating mosquitoes and ticks.  We have focused in and targeted these particular pests, instead of treating in general, hoping that it will take care of the ones you want.  Our specialty sprays include a spray for Mosquitoes and Ticks and now another specialty spray that targets Fleas and Gnats.  And as mentioned before, ALL of our services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So that means, if you ever experience any issues with our services we’d be more than happy to make it right.

So don’t be unhappy 25% of the time with less protection and fewer sprays, be happy 100% of the time with a system and product we know will take care of 85-90% of your mosquito population.  Start taking back you yard today!  Call us for a free estimate 269.932.1444.


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Let’s Start Enjoying our Backyards Again…

…by putting an end to mosquito bites.

Your children, pets, and you will never have to suffer through another mosquito bite again, thanks to Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad is the EPA-registered affordable, effective, and dependable mosquito control that works, guaranteed.

Every 21 days Mosquito Squad will spray your backyard to kill those pesky mosquitoes, so your family and pets can enjoy your backyard and outdoor living spaces with non-stop protection.

But wait! The news gets better.

We are now offering special neighborhood volume discounts, for both single-sprays as well as season-long protection. Whether you have a small group of neighbors (5 or more) or an entire subdivision, we can create a plan for you!  The more families that protect themselves with Mosquito Squad, the bigger the savings.

Call today for your free estimate and learn how you can enjoy neighborhood volume discounts, all season long.

Single Spray                                                           Season Protection
Regular Price                                                            Regular Price

.5 acre……….$129                                                  .5 acre……….$490
1 acre…………$149                                                  1 acre………..$720
1.5 acres……..$169                                                  1.5 acre……..$880

5 Homes                                                                    5 Homes

.5 acre…………$89                                                   .5 acre……….$465
1 acre………….$109                                                1 acre………..$684
1.5 acre——–$129                                                1.5 acre………$836

10 Homes                                                                  10 Homes

.5 acre…………$80                                                   .5 acre…………$441
1 acre…………..$98                                                  1 acre………….$648
1.5 acre……….$116                                                 1.5 acre……….$792

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and with how many calls we’ve been getting about ticks this month we wanted to share a little about staying safe and protected from ticks.  We’ve made it easy with the 6 C’s for Tick & Lyme Disease Protection!

C #1: Clear Out. Reduce your tick exposure by clearing out areas where lawn and tree debris gathers. Ticks thrive in moist, shady areas and tend to die in sunny, dry areas. Locate compost piles away from play areas or high traffic. Separate them with wood chips or gravel. Don’t position playground equipment, decks and patios near treed areas.

C #2: Clean. Eliminate leaf litter and brush by cleaning it up around the house and lawn edges, mow tall grasses and keep your lawn short.

C #3: Choose Plants. Select plants and shrubs that are not attractive to deer and/or install physical barriers to keep deer out of your yard. Check with your favorite nursery to determine the best plant choices.

C #4: Check Hiding Places. Know tick hiding places and check them frequently. Fences, brick walls, and patio retaining walls are popular hiding places.

C #5: Care for family Pets. Fully pet your animals daily, this will help you find any ticks that have landed on them before they detach in your home. Family pets can suffer from tick-borne diseases and also carry infected ticks into the home. Talk to your vet about using tick collars and sprays. As with all pest control products, read and follow the directions.

C #6: Call the Pros. Mosquito Squad utilizes both the barrier spray that can kill live ticks on the spot as well as “tick tubes.” Strategically placed, “tick tubes” prompt field mice to incorporate tick-killing material in their bedding, effectively eliminateing hundreds of tick nymphs found in each mouse nest.

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