Mosquitos with Black and White Stripes?

Ever see a Mosquito with Black and White stripes?   These are the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Originally from Asia, this Mosquito can now be found in the US.  Primarily in the Southeastern states it is making it’s way North and West.   These fierce tiger mosquitoes live up to their name, biting during the day, especially in the afternoon. For this reason, they’re sometimes also called “forest day mosquitoes.” Both males and females have white stripes along the thorax, or body, though you’re more apt to notice the females, because they’re the ones who bite.

They are also easily scared away during the biting process and therefore will find several sources for this blood meal.   This characteristic makes it even more dangerous as it will spread diseases from one host to another.   Diseases such as dengue fever, encephalitis and yellow fever, as well as heartworm in cats and dogs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Eastern equine encephalomyelitis and Cache Valley viruses have actually been found in Asian tiger mosquitoes in the United States, though they are potential carriers of additional diseases, if people or animals who have yellow fever or other diseases come to the United States and get bitten. Right now, that’s not a danger.

So the next time you swat a mosquito, be aware of this dangerous species.   If you see these stripes report it to the Health Department, immediately.

Distribution of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in the United States

Distribution of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in the United States


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