It’s Game Day

This time of year the chill is in the air and the buzz about football can be heard. It doesn’t seem to matter if its rocket football up through high school the buzz is around. Some parents are starting with all of the football firsts.  Fist mouth guard, first touchdown, maybe the first time getting tackled, or maybe the first time that adorable little girl put on that cheer uniform and got in front of a crowd to cheer for her team. The senior parents are starting to realize the football feeling of Friday nights is about to change forever.  Sure some players and cheerleaders will continue the passion on the field to the next level, but for others its ending in a few weeks.

Enjoy all of the time you have watching your heart on the field.  Parents stay strong and enjoy these precious moments. To the players and cheerleaders make your school proud and cherish these final weeks of Friday night football.




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