TRICK OR TREAT!! What Happens to Mosquitoes in the Fall?

Halloween will be here before you know it. Kids are so excited to wear costumes and say that infamous phrase “TRICK or TREAT.” Many homeowners are starting to turn on the heat, or at least think about it. Sweatshirts and jackets have been brought out of the closet. The pesky bugs may not be bad like they were this past summer. Many times especially with mosquitoes if they are not biting and annoying us we tend to not think about them. What you may not know is there are still things that can be done in the fall that can help control the little pests in the spring.

In the fall the male mosquito with die after mating. So what happens to the females? They can survive the winter. With spring comes warmer weather, warmer water temperatures, beautiful flowers and also blood seeking female mosquitoes so they can lay their eggs. All mosquito eggs require water and can survive cold water temperatures. These little eggs can last years. Cooler water temperatures allow the eggs to go dormant. They do not continue to grow and hatch.  The warmer spring water temperatures will cause them to grow and hatch. To help with a mosquito free spring watch the video below and be sure to follow the 5 T’s.


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