What Happened Today???

U.S. 1921 U.S.A. World Series Thursday, Oct. 13th, 1921 : New York Giants beat the Yankees in the World series in New York Today

UK 1958 UK Paddington Bear 13th October, 1958 : The first of a series of books featuring Paddington Bear is published “A Bear Called Paddington” , the first story is about a bear who is found at Paddington railway station in London by the Brown family. The books are written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. The much loved stuffed Paddington Bear toy with his Wellington boots did not appear until 1972 / 1973.

U.S. 1983 U.S.A. Mobile Phone Service Oct. 13th, 1983: Ameritech Mobile Communications, LLC provides cellular mobile phone service to the general public in Chicago. This was the first mobile phone service for public use in the United States.

Example of 1983 Mobile Phone Public Domain Photo


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