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Deer Ticks

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NO TICKS—CALL cropped-msf_5957-blog-art-2.jpg


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Spring Is Just Around The Corner


Call Mosquito Squad for a love filled spring. Love should be in the air not Mosquitoes.
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October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Mosquito Squad supports liver cancer month.


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Will This Patch Make You Invisible?

While the Kite patch might not give you superhero powers to turn invisible, it can help you hide yourself from pesky, disease carrying mosquitoes.  The founders of the Kite Patch started this venture to make a difference around the world and change the way we prevent mosquito borne illnesses in areas that need it most: Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Kite is a simple sticker that you wear on your t-shirt.  It uses non-toxic chemicals to mask the carbon dioxide our body gives off for 48 hours.  This is effective because mosquitoes track us through our CO2 emissions up to 100 yards away (the size of a football field!)  They are trying to not only reduce the need for spraying ourselves with bug spray and lotions but making  a low cost sticker that is affordable to those who need it.

They are still working on the manufacturing and plan to do a field test in one of the most mosquito disease ridden areas in the world, Uganda.  Once they begin manufacturing they promise that for every Kite Patch sold, a person of need will receive one as well.  There is a constant wave of new technology to help eradicate mosquito borne illnesses, but this is a step in a completely new direction.

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A Spoonful of Sugar

Source: Mobile Mag

Source: Mobile Mag

A new way to administer vaccinations could be distributed in the near future.  This would have an enormous impact for many Malaria stricken countries have a hard time keeping hypodermic needles safe and keep live vaccinations viable.  That’s why scientist’s at King’s College have come up with a small painless method of administering vaccines without need for injections or refrigeration.

The small disc has tiny sugar micro-needles that dissolve in the skin.  The dried vaccine is mixed in with the sugar micro-needles that dissolve. This method is revolutionary for transporting and administering vaccines.  Now we can just stick the sugar coated disc onto someone and have them be able to receive the vaccine without the use of possibly dirty needles or useless vaccines that have become to warm.  Now we just need the Malaria vaccine to be created, another project that seems close on the horizon.

The effectiveness was found to be the same between the traditional injection method of a live vaccine and this new painless dried vaccine.  Mary Poppins had it right all along, sugar does help the medicine go down a little easier.

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Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan on ABC 57

Owner Ken Wuerfel talks about ticks on ABC 57 June 13, 2012.

Check it out!

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